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Botox Being Used to Treat Depression?

Here is an article from The Washington Post.

Nearly 150 years ago, Charles Darwin recognized that facial expressions not only communicate the emotions we feel but intensify them, by sending cues back to the brain. In the ensuing decades, researchers proved again and again that we can influence the way we feel by the visage we project. Smiling can help us feel happier. Frowning can make us feel angrier.

botox for depression women

But it was only in the past few years that a dermatologist from Chevy Chase, Md., noticed that some of the patients whose brows he temporarily paralyzed with Botox, to remove wrinkles, began to feel relief from depression. That physician, Eric Finzi, took his idea to a Georgetown Medical School psychiatrist, Norman Rosenthal, who teaches at Georgetown Medical School and had spent many years studying how light and odors, transmitted to the brain through the nerves that connect it with the eyes and nose, affect our moods.

Now there have been three small studies that show that Botox injections can help with depression. In the latest, published in the current issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Finzi and Rosenthal showed that 17 of 33 patients experienced better than 50 percent reductions in their depression symptoms after a single Botox injection, and 27 percent of the group saw their depression go into remission. The study confirms a similar one reported in 2012 by German researchers Tillmann Kroger and Axel Wollmer, who spoke of their findings at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in New York this past weekend.

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Connection between Botox and Mood Levels

And another note, researchers have also discovered a connection between botox injections &  elevated mood levels. Facial expressions and the different movements of our face sends signals to our brain that supports and strengthens our emotions. For example, when we are frowning, signals are sent to the brain indicating that we are sad or upset. And you can see our friends at dome BEAUTY if you want to purchase some eye makeup.

Because Botox inhibits the muscle from forming, the signal is lessened or eliminated all together and a negative emotion is thought to be felt less or not at all.

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